Take on the role of an Engineer tasked with restoring power to a remote outpost on Mars. Find out what happened to the colonists, maintain your oxygen levels, and power up the generators to signal for your escape return home.

Find the hard drive (its a black box) and return to the ship without getting captured.


  • Move: WASD
  • Look: Mouse
  • Click: Interact with power switches and hiding cubes
  • E: Pickup object
  • Shift: Sprint
  • C: Crouch
  • Tab: Toggle First Person and Third Person mode
  • Space: Jump


  • Sounds and Music: vrnsmith
  • Main Programmer: uddermode
  • 3D models: kovadon
  • Programmer: ajeanselme
  • Animation: uddermode
  • Level Design: uddermode

Features coded but not in game

  • Uddermode is very proud that he had the AI able to crouch and jump around obstacles but due to time was unable to set up the level right for the AI to use this functionality but he is very proud and he just wants it to be known.

Play now in browser

Game is still in development
This game is mostly a tech demo. First time attempting a 3d game and was overly ambitious. But we wanted to display as much of the work we made, so we made the "game" super simple to show off each of the features that were implemented in the game. 

Development log

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